Brighton Marathon

Fuel Up!

The Brighton Marathon is just around the corner and we want to fuel up you spectators and replenish you runners! We’re opening earlier than normal, so we’ll be serving coffee from 7 and breakfast from 8. This gives you plenty of time to fuel up and grab a seat before the action starts. We’re situated between the 2nd and 4th mile on the course. This means the the runners will go past us at two separate points, which makes us the perfect place to cheer on your friends and family from!

Vegetarian Breakfast on Tablemoksha-coffee

We’ve decided to open early to allow you time to secure yourself a seat to witness all the action. We’ve got large windows facing the road and high seating so you can view above the heads of other spectators from inside. All the while we’ll be serving food and coffee to keep you energized through all the excitement.

Book now to avoid disappointment and catch the action!

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